New Opening! Outbound Call Agent for Costa Rica!

We have a new opening: Bilingual Outbound Call Agent. This person will be responsible for marketing development calls, metrics generaion and administrative support for a major recruiting firm in the United States! Please visit MRI Costa Rica or follow us on Facebook for more details.

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Economists: The Great Recession is over, but …

Jobs will still be an issue and there are numerous questions about recovery.

By John W. Schoen, MSNBC.


Following the lead of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and the stock market, the nation’s top business economists, gathering here for their annual meeting, have declared “the Great Recession of 2008-09 is over.” But the forecasters aren’t exactly popping champagne corks about what they see coming next…

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First reactions to Social Media Generation Gap

Bloggers are already talking about Tino Langner’s Social Media Generation Gap presentation in San Jose, Costa Rica! Click to see what David Alfaro is saying about it!

Social Media Generation Gap

Tino Langer presents Social Media Generation Gap (click on link to view in PowerPoint format), a look into how companies are (and should be!) embracing social media to reach across audiences like never before using social media. Please visit MRI Costa Rica for more information. Note: Event took place on September 29th, 2009 at the Real Intercontinental Hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica.

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